The Way

The way presents itself to those who keep working.

When writing prose, a scene could have been included since the earliest drafts. It never occurred to you that you might not need it. It is easy to trust your beginning instincts and inspiration.

That is why critique and community are so important. Objective eyes, ready to enjoy and tear your work down, can humble the best of us. Even if we feel that we worked really hard, the sad reality is that it might not be enough.

Discouraged, you might consider moving on to another project. Premises aren’t a problem. You have those for days.

But you’ve stuck with this project for too long and know there is something there. With the fresh eyes of criticism, the weaknesses become clearer, almost obvious. And then you see some solutions.

Or so you think. The problem is solved in your opinion, but that decision is ultimately with your audience.

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