The internet is mobile for the majority of us. Desktops have become a phenomenon of the workplace. Laptops, once ubiquitous, are losing ground to tablets and phones. There are benefits to this shift. Information is available at our beck and call, though seeking entertainment seems to be our default.

This informality of use would have been difficult to imagine during the dialup days. We were tied to our desks or dining room tables while we explored this new technology. Before laptops we could not use the internet while in bed. Before phones the bathroom was a technology free zone. How times have changed.

The formality of sitting at a desk for work does shift the mind’s focus. We could write on the couch, but how focused can we be while lounging and laying back. Work is the opposite of leisure, and we blend the two at our peril and at the peril of our work.

Ceremony is powerful. Ceremony hones attention; it seeps meaning. If we are working on something that we want to take seriously and do well, the least that can be done is to sit upright in a chair at a table or desk.

Doing so demonstrates respect for the process. Respect for the process will ultimately lead to better quality work.

That is what we are all going for, isn’t it?

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