The Tools Evolve

Dictation has come a long way recently. Nuance is by far the leader in Dictation. Scott Baker’s book The Writer’s Guide to Training Your Dragon is the manual that should have come to the program. The most important lesson learned is that any Dragon Dictation product runs a lot better on a PC. Most writers, it seems, use Macs, so there is a choice to make.

Dragon is worth the money if you take time to train it.

Another tip for Dictation: don’t look at your screen while dictating. Doing so can knock you out of the writer’s mode. There will be mistakes, not many but they will be there. It takes a strong person to not stop and make the corrections right then and there.

Find something else to do while dictating. For example, it is an excellent opportunity for doodling.

Try new things. Writing needs not be limited to the pen or keyboard.

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