Back and Forth

The daily strategies fail and succeed. It is a number’s game. The personal website or Medium or both with some Instagram and Facebook thrown in.

We have too many choices.

Our purpose clarifies which tools we use. That clarity forces us to be real with ourselves. You might tell yourself that the blog is for expression for expression’s sake, but you wouldn’t write it if you did not want anyone to read it. And why have readers if not to gain some benefit? If they find value in the words, that is great, but that is beyond your control. We do control the words, though.

Where is our locus of control? What can we reach out and actually touch? Jordan Peterson’s advice, which has become sort of a meme, telling us to “clean our rooms” forces us to confront the chaos that surrounds us. This is the chaos that we can, with effort, come to control.

Writing and blogging are activities for those who wish to earn an income with words. And if that goal has not yet been achieved, well, then we have to accept that we have not yet done what is necessary to make that happen.

What do you want with the words?

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