The Signs and Selfishness

When considering a major change in life, anxiety is normal. One can go further in saying that anxiety is a sign that a part of you wants to make the change but is unsure about what the result will be.

Some make the superficial argument that the feeling of anxiety is enough to reveal the decision to make, but it is not so simple.

The difficulty lies in the reality of the situation. We could very much fail and regret what we did and question why we did it. The odds are against us.

It would be foolish to dismiss the reality of our responsibilities. Only a fool would do that. The older we get, and more set in our ways, the decisions we make affect more people and to ignore that reality would be selfish.

There must be a balance between loyalty to others and loyalty to ourselves.

As with most important things, understanding the concept seems simple but it is more complicated than we would like to admit.

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