Free from Parameters

Things aren’t as clear when they go on the page. Words are disconnected with our imagination, and that is what makes their skillful application so prized.

Writing is a skill that must be cultivated. Like anything else, to improve writing we must practice. This can be done privately or publicly. We now have the opportunity to practice publicly through blogs. Writing daily quickly becomes a habit when the parameters are made simpler. When a goal is put forth for word counts or page counts or subject matter — the idea of beginning becomes too overwhelming for some.

Writing a novel requires a specific format. Short stories and poems also have format requirements. There are agreed-upon parameters in the interest of creating genre. Blogging is something different. There are no set rules for blogging. A blog could be one word per day collected into a sentence by the end of the week. There is nothing to stop that creation. Actually, that’s an interesting idea.

Such is the reality of the digital world.

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