For All Intensive Purposes

You caught that didn’t you? The error is clear. It is a common mistake and one not easily forgotten when we are called out for it or corrected.

We all make errors when learning. Writing is no different. Holes have existed in our process since kindergarten and only once they were pointed out to us do we see them clearly.

Sometimes, we can make it through college making the same mistakes: confusing affect and effect; there, they’re, and their; and for all intensive purposes. Say what you will about the educators, but those teachers and professors expose the knowledge, but it is for the student to take responsibility to learn.

For all intents and purposes.

If you were corrected by someone who was not a teacher or mentor the embarrassment can run deep. The emotion stays with you. But that was it, that was the end of it. Embarrassed or not, the lesson was learned and the corrections were made. Never be ashamed of ignorance; it is only when we learn that our ignorance is exposed. Once exposed, it can be dealt with.

Make mistakes boldly and publicly. This way when you were corrected, the lesson will stick.

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