It is good to talk. Even if it is to yourself. That sounds crazy, isn’t that the definition? But expressing thoughts leads to more thoughts. Expression leads to expression. That is how we are able to cultivate our creativity.

We are born with the capacity for creativity, but that does not mean that we will use it to our fullest potential. Just as our capacity of language grows as we age, it can become stagnant. Atrophy is real.

Language can and will improve the more one reads and writes. That gives the world of literature a new meaning for any who want to be writers. It is common to say that a writer must be a reader. And there is truth to that. We absorb narrative through osmosis, though it seems that narrative may be a part of us.

Just as it is theorized that human beings have inherent grammar for language, there seems to be also an inherent structure for narrative. We need it.

Stories are us. We are stories. The stories are the reason why we have come to dominate the earth. We organize around stories. We organized around shared narratives. That is their power. We need stories to communicate with each other. We can only hope that the stories that we are both experiencing are similar. They will never be the same, but they can get close.

How we live depends on the stories we tell. The stories are not made up of words but actions.

We need constant reminders of the stories in our lives. Otherwise, they can get away from us. A shared story without the necessary critical capacity becomes ideology. A firm ideology that is disconnected from the truth is ignorance.

Our ignorance is the foundation for our need of stories.

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