The New Obsessions

We get clues. The new obsessions present themselves and once they do there’s no turning back. Your mind becomes engulfed. There is a notion that you chase after because your ignorance on a subject is no longer acceptable.

We are all ignorant. We accept our ignorance in many fields because we do not see them as pertinent to our lives. Some of us may be ignorant of how to repair a car or change its oil while others cannot live or understand how someone could get into a car and drive without knowing these fundamentals.

Understanding our ignorance brings us to a point of development. We must couple that ignorance then with the energy presented.

Like most things, this is a positive and negative force. Addiction is an example. Many addicts are not just addicted to the chemical response of their bodies but also to the ritual that comes with usage.

There is an understanding that is gained through repeated action. That same action makes a heroin addict but also makes a chef.

When a new obsession presents itself, our choice must be made to follow it. If we do, we will learn. That is a guarantee. Will we get to be one of the best? Maybe not. Probably not. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot get good enough to be contented with progress.

Plus, there are always the old obsessions. These that are burning at a steady rate, a coal dancing hues of orange and red, ever present warming. These are obsessions are so long with us that they are part of our psyche. Their example can lead us in our development of other obsessions.

There is no reason to become pigeonholed. The learning process is applicable in all things. We have to understand whether or not we can accept our ignorance. If not, then do.

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