Finding the Minutes

Finding the minutes is more difficult than it sounds. But it is important to understand that choice in time component. A minute is nonthreatening. A minute is doable. When we approach work of any kind with the mindset of a minute starting becomes easier.
It is a mind trick. A simple yet powerful method to help with motivation.
Our desires are quite attractive. While the work it takes to get us there is not. Work is a sacrifice, and a sacrifice is difficult by definition.
Writers love stories, but they hate to write. The reason is simple: it is difficult. And while it is difficult, the blank page is not the worst of it. A blank page is possibility. A blank page is the required element. Writers, if you notice, have a tendency to get excited about notebooks. How could you not when it is filled with blank pages?
What is intimidating is the judgment. The judgment that comes from our critical self. We know what’s good, and yet we are unable to tell whether or not our creations will live up to our tastes. Such is the irony. Regardless of that fact, we have to approach the work.
Understanding that beginning with a minute allows work to progress – for you will work more than one minute – everything will begin to add up. The goal is momentum. It is the same for all things that require discipline.
Sitting down at the desk determined to write for an hour straight is easily put off when considering the plethora of responsibilities that fall in all of our laps. That is why many writers enjoy completing their work in the morning. Starting to write before anyone else has woken up provides distraction free environment where the mind is set free. But if you do not have that luxury, many of us do not, then taking a minute where ever you can find it is the best course for completing anything you would like to achieve.

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