Getting Lost

If a project goes long enough, we can get lost. Between drafts, characters, plot twists, and details, it is easy to find oneself overwhelmed with the sheer volume of material.

It is easy to lose track.

Writing Apps such as Scrivener or Ulysses allow for labeling which is undoubtably useful. But when a project goes on for a number of years, stopping and starting, the flow is lost.

Our abilities as writers change. Our perspective on character and plot change. Something as simple as a film or novel consumed can turn our projects on their heads.

The next one will always be better. At least, that is the hope. Once we complete the process really well once, we will be able to replicate it again minus all of the tangents and false starts.

New projects, though, have a tendency to come with their own problems, unique to their needs. Those demons will also need to be dealt with.

As a storyteller we are always lost.

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