Follow the Energy

This idea comes from Scott Adams and his book _[How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big](How%20to%20Fail%20at%20Almost%20Everything%20and%20Still%20Win%20Big:%20Kind%20of%20the%20Story%20of%20My%20Life%20

Our schedules can become filled quickly, but we all know when our mind’s are at their best for creative work. Many of us work better in the mornings while others late at night.

No one, it seems, can get much done during the afternoon hours. Best time for a nap, if possible. The Spaniards know what’s up.

If we set a schedule during a time where our energy levels are lacking, the ROI on our work will suffer. Work should be approached with enthusiasm, and we all have a time during our day where enthusiasm can come more easily.

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