Being Shitty

Beginning is the way to diminish fear. Everything we learn, we learn slowly.

No one remembers how they learned language. But listen to a toddler stumbling around words. Mistakes don’t worry them, so they learn because they continue. Learning any language at any age the same process.

When it comes to what we want to achieve, creative pursuits that we are engaged in, we are all like children and must accept that mistakes are required. The majority people are unwilling to look foolish in front of others. That fear holds us back.

So in understanding and having faith in the process we diminish fear to the point where it no longer impedes progress.

We cannot know the outcomes because we have not yet gone through the process. It is like imagining your spouse when you’re a child. You have an image in your head, nothing solid, but you can imagine. But when you get married, that person is completely different than what you had imagined — and necessarily so.

There is beauty in the unknown. The way we view the unknown colors the way we approach it. The unknown not need to be frightening. If you embrace the unknown and look at it as a way to approach what might be beautiful in the world, courage can be cultivated. Do not worry about the judgment of others.

Be humble enough to be shitty. That is the only way to get somewhere good.

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