The First Step to a Daily Writing Habit

The key to writing daily is to start small.

Understand that there are two types of writing: words on a page (or screen) and the organization of those words.

First get used to writing a page a day by hand. If you can’t, begin with a paragraph a day and work your way up. Do not worry about content. Just write. This is generally known as fact _freewriting_.

The point is to strengthen your mind-body connection. Writing is a physical activity. The movement of the hand on a page stimulates specific regions of the brain. Work it like any muscle. Continue to do this until you can write a page a day without stopping. You will see progress, and it will get easier.

Once the accumulation of words becomes natural, the next step is to understand organization.

_Writing_ as a term is generally confused with the entire _Writing Process_. People remember the writing but forget the process.

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