Love and Respect of the Process

The project progresses at its own pace.

There is the belief that we can move it along when we want. Doing so is just waisting time. Rushing the process demonstrates a lack of respect.

Sure, things take longer than a lot of us would like. That’s the complaint against George RR Martin.

Imagine if his next novel came out quicker but with less quality. Isn’t it more valuable for the work to be great?

Isn’t it more valuable for us to enjoy the work as it should be?

Asking otherwise is an effect of our habit of instant gratification.

Once we read an excellent book that we have waited for so long, the moment we finish the wait is forgotten.

Love is a lot like that, too. The times where we are alone for a span and the sadness that comes with it evaporates immediately and you forget what it was once you find someone.

Everything in our lives is a process, and it deserves respect.

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