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How To Measure

We all have to decide how to measure success. For many, it is money. Financial security is nothing to be scoffed at. We all need money. Many artists, whether they admit it or not, aspire to gain as much from their work.

But there should always be something deeper. Having one thing to measure ourselves by brings clarity of purpose. Some may say that they do not know what that “thing” is. They do not know where to begin and are suspicious of people who proclaim they have found it. It doesn’t have to be that way.

The definition of success can be something simple. Actually, it should be simple. The more approachable the goal, the more it will serve you in your everyday life. We all at one time or another fall to envy and jealousy. But if we know what it is we want, that jealousy and envy fall away because we realize that it is just noise.

We are all in a one person race.

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