Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction brings with it an education. Not many of us are historians, and with Historical Fiction, we can enjoy the story knowing that spoilers are a Wikipedia link away. But like any good story, we don’t want to finish it.

And that’s just what history is: Story.

Historical Fiction is the truest fiction. Contemporary works will someday be historical. Works that are modern and edgy will find its quaintness with time.

The real secret to Historical Fiction, whether in prose, film or television, is its ability to explore themes we can identify with in a time and place alien to us.

Historical Fiction presents our shared humanity through the ages, focusing on what we all share. All characters are first sons and daughters born into a stream of history they did not choose. How they deal with those currents and conflicts creates the stories that are the most gripping.

We can then ask: “What would we do?”


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