Momentary Difficulty

No matter how accomplished, it seems the author has doubt in their work. Imperfections, no matter how imperceptible they are to the reader, are staring at the author at all times. They know. They see it, and it is difficult to understand why the audience does not.

Humility comes hand in hand with artistic expression. Progress demands humility — as does the process.

If we aspire to be writers or artists of any kind, we must resign ourselves to that constant doubt. Optimistic humility makes it easier to bear. Or to use Carol Dweck’s concept, we must hold a growth mindset. The inherent insecurity of such a position is difficult to face, but constantly reminding ourselves of that this difficulty is momentary and not inherent can mean that extra push needed to move on.

Accepting and practicing this idea is what separates those who aspire from those who do.


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