The Learning Curve

The learning curve exists for all of us.

We’ve all been through the process, painful as it can be.

The problem is that not everyone willing to go through the pain.

We don’t remember the daily, painstaking process it was for us to learn language. Constant blabbering and mispronunciation, attempting simple words and constructions that went on from the ages of anywhere from two to five years old.

Learning language is slow and tedious. Think about how much you could achieve if you were to give the same everyday dedication to mistakes that are tile does when they are learning how to speak. What could you achieve?

No one likes to feel stupid. Unfortunately, it is necessary.

The same philosophy applies to all artistic pursuits. The hard days meld into years and then suddenly a novice will look at what you can do and be impressed — even while you were not.

That’s how this process works.

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