Taking a Step Back

We can always write more. Once we reach a certain point, the writing becomes less intimidating. We can always write more words on the page. When you get there, writing 100,000 words is no longer intimidating. If you include journaling, we passed that milestone a long time ago.

Now comes the hard part.

Story construction is a difficult balancing act. Authors such as Brandon Sanderson have commented on Gardeners vs. Architects. But even the most dedicated Gardners must take a moment to understand the structure of their story.

Not all of us find it easy to sit down and outline our story. But at a certain point, it becomes necessary. Maybe not in the initial phases, but once the first or fifth drafts have been finished and there is not end in sight, outlining might be a good way to go. After all, writing more would only lead to more questions.

Writing is not the exercise here, it is structure.

Do not be confused by the nature of the beast.

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