Things Might Not Turn Out The Way We Want

And that’s okay. It’s supposed to be like that. Otherwise, pursuing art would be something that everyone did. It should be something everyone does. We all know that that is not the case.

Dwelling on the odds is a recipe for self-doubt. The world tells us that our  pursuit is a pipe dream. So what? If 2016 has proved anything, it’s that the world knows nothing.

Showing up to our desks every day with optimism is the only sure fire way to continue the work. The work is necessary. The work is the most important. Yes, it’s a grind. But what else do you want?

If you are looking for guarantees, the artist’s life is not for you. Our trade is creating form out of the chaos of our minds and experiences.

If we stop, then we know how everything will turn out. Keeping with the work will bring a surprise. Maybe it’s not what you expected, but at least you know that whatever happens came about because you kept doing art.

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