Creativity’s Disconnect

Creativity is born through action. Imagination has its place, but it is worthless to everyone if it is not communicated.

A disconnect exists between imagination and communication, whatever the medium. Creativity resides in that space. That is why our artistic vision can be so different from what comes to be.

As artists, we see things so clearly in our minds. The vision is complete.
As we work, piece by piece is born. We work diligently through the process, collecting the pieces, hoping to reconstruct what we see in our mind’s eye.

Hopefully, the final product bears some resemblance to what we set out to create; it never does. That may be why an artist is never truly satisfied with their work. They can always see some tweak, some improvement that could be done, helping the work approach their vision ever so closer.
But that’s not how it works.

We have to let go. Our sanity depends on it; and it is a sanity maintained only through action.

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