Believe in the Promise

That’s our only choice, really.

Creative work requires belief. Otherwise, the self-doubt would be too crippling.

If our creative approach is too rational, we might overthink our way into inaction. But when our foundation comes from a true and emotional desire to create, we will work whether or not we feel that it will make us a profit. The product becomes, first and foremost, for us. We create the need to create.

This may sound too “light” but there is real value in creating something for the act alone. There is genuineness that others can sense — that your audience can sense.

Sometimes we might get lucky. The mind and the heart align and you are able to create art that resonates emotionally while rewarding you financially. This is not a unicorn to be chased; it is a blessing to humbly accept and be thankful for.

All us who approach the creation of art accept the promise. We believe in the promise that this is what we are supposed to do. But if we stop and try to examine the process with our rational side, we will quickly come to the conclusion: “what’s the point”?

The point is creation, nothing more. And the promise is kept when we look at our work with pride in our eyes.

That is the promise.


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