The Value of Readers

Objectivity is impossible.

Our work comes from us in the rawest state possible. If we are lucky, it has spent a lot of time composting in our minds. We have grand ideas and images, characters and plots, the entirety of the narrative is plain to us in all its majesty.

Readers might not see it that way.

When writing our first drafts, we are walking in the dark. Sure, we know how to walk, how to take steps, but we cannot see where we are going. It takes courage to continue the path.

Readers can be our guide.

It is hard to expose our work to such criticism. Our insecurities rise to the surface, and we feel defensive. We cannot control their reaction. They are readers for that reason, and therein lies their value.

Of course, we love our story. That is why we are writing it. But there may be a gap between what we want to express and what we are capable of expressing at the moment. That doesn’t mean that won’t change; it simply means that the story is not there — yet.

If we listen, takes notes and have the humility to learn, our stories will get there. And if we are lucky, those who are reading our words become just as excited as we were in those first days of “idea” when everything was fresh and exciting.

That is the goal. Keep walking towards it.

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