The Writing Minute

The writers and artists of today are very lucky. We have access to our work wherever we are. The time has gone where we were limited to a desk and paper.

Now while waiting on line, or pumping gas, or some other monotonous activity, we can write.

Our technology, at the risk of sounding cliché, is a blessing and a curse. We have the choice of how to utilize this tool. We can spend time browsing social media or the news, or we can get some sentences in.

It may not be ideal. It may not be romantic. Really, you may only get a paragraph done. But that paragraph would not have been written otherwise.  Usually, you will find that a part which gave you trouble before no longer does. The following paragraphs after your last session end  flow all the more easily. The time in between the sessions gave your creative mind the time to rest.

Attempt to collect the minutes and not the hours. We can waste time and motivation wishing everything were perfect. Conditions had to be set a perfect way, and if they weren’t, then the writing would not happen.

We have to get out of that mindset.

Write when you can. We do all have the time.

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