Disciplined Applied…

None of us are one trick ponies. Different things that gain our attention. This is not inherently bad.

We have a choice as to where we put our attention. If we are writers, then we might also be into cooking or martial arts or photography or drawing.

As a matter of fact, it may be to our best interest to also have a hobby that has nothing to do with our main creative pursuits. Taking time to paint a picture might give the verbal part of our brains a chance to rest and compost the ideas that were going through your mind throughout the day. Taking the time to really focus on the ingredients and the process of cooking a meal might help to make the connections that were missing amongst characters a plot.

All of these things rotate around the same idea: Discipline learned in one thing is potential discipline to be applied to all things.

Once we learn the process, it can be applied wherever we want. The learning process is the same. There is a way to understand it. Once we do, it takes away the nagging self-doubt of those periods of growth, of pain, of time where we feel like we are not learning or performing.

Those are the best times for that’s where we know we are growing. We feel it, and it is not pleasant.

Sometimes we think we have gotten it, and that is the time where something humbling happens. We come back down. Maybe we burn the food. Maybe we are practicing a martial art and get beaten badly — who knows? Whatever happens, it brings you back down to earth.

The journey is our process and that keep it to the process it will keep the same. We will get there, as long as we keep walking.

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