The Value of Value

This morning my wife was reading some children’s poetry that she has been working on for the last year to me.

She has slowly compiled about twenty-four pages of work. I see this and I think about all of the things that I am reading and listening to concerning the self-publishing revolution. I told her that we should make a book. Her automatic response was to say no.

She also doodles for our son, creating both original and copied characters. She enjoys to draw, but the artist in her — a point of view cultivated in high school while she attended a conservatory of the arts — makes her think that if she is not a trained artist in drawing, if she is not someone who practices every day or creates technically proficient work then she has no right to share it with the world.

I don’t believe that any longer.

The world is different now. This book would be for us, for our son and other young family members and friends. That is the value that it creates, and value is a good starting point, I think. With that approach, it feels different than just chasing money.

I have had ideas in the past for ways to make money. Selling self-published books is one of them. The ideas are usually exciting but superficial.

Once I approached the idea for creating the book for the love of the book, the fun of the work, and the value it will give our family and friends, it took on a new energy and a new motivation.

Value is in the eye of the beholder.

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