Pursuit and Reward

What is the value of a creative life? Why is it that so many pursue the arts in some form or another?

Many people say they want to be writers — myself included. So numerous are these aspiring authors that many can make a living writing books on how to write fiction without having to worry about teaching through demonstration, of writing their own memorable stories.

Many get lost in the theory at the cost of practice.

Practice is the point, the enjoyment. Why pursue a creative life?

It is a dream that suggests control, control of our lives and finances. The promise of the dream is a release from the need to be at a job that we do not care about, or worse, hate.

But a true question is: When do we not have control?

Sure, your work might not yet be for sale and thus not supporting you, but the only way to get to that point is to dedicate one’s self to the practice, the love, and the hope to create something to be proud of.

Accomplishment brings a confidence that is its own reward.

We can all start seeking that this very moment.

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