When You Have Friends Like These…

Today a friend of mine completed a dream ten years in the making.

He said, not ironically, that now at least he knew that he did not waste those ten years.

We were close once. Now, not so much. Geography and familial responsibilities did their thing. But in the years that I have known him I have watched him toil at his dedication, his art, without any concern for financial reward. It was always just something that he needed to do.

And he did it. No matter whatever else was going on in his life, he did it.

Financial troubles came beckoning at times. After his daughter was born, those pressures became stronger.

But he still did the work. No matter what, he did the work.

I always admired him because of that.

For me, as an outside observer, his success was always guaranteed. But for him I know doubt was ever present. How could it not be?

Today it all paid off.

It’s good to see a good guy win.

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