It’s the Audience’s Choice

They accept the gift. It is theirs to do what they will. It is their choice. But they choose you, too.

Writing is a conversation. Those who find it, and value it, will have made its expression worthwhile.

Dissenting voices are also part of the same audience. They may snicker and sneer, all the while putting up airs. They may be more intelligent. That is a distinct possibility, but the ability to express oneself, to expose oneself to criticism, very public criticism, is worth it should one person find the words read useful in some way.

That is easy to say.

The negative voices are usually the louder ones, and they can hurt. Criticism makes us feel exposed because we are. Success in any means of expression comes with exposing yourself and putting yourself in a position of vulnerability.

There is no other way.

Expose your vulnerability without fear. There are many readers who will gain courage by your example — many more than will express disdain.

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