The story will tell itself if given the chance.

The Writer and Audience

The story will tell itself if given the chance.

Ideas are always clear and interesting when residing in the mind. All of the elements exist in unity and balance.

A masterpiece.

The reality is much different, and that becomes discouraging. It can lead to giving up on a project before it has been given a chance to mature.

The story will tell you what it needs to be, and once it does, you may be surprised at the excitement that comes from being both the writer and the audience.

Some do not like to talk about their projects, only once an entire draft is completed can it be shared.

To keep the story to oneself, to keep the fire burning in the mind, is to allow the story to receive all of the energy, not losing it to the excitement and recognition by others for such a cool idea.

The beauty, the excitement of the process, comes when one can say, while in the middle of writing, “How cool!”

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