To understand the seeds a draft must be created.

The Seeds in the Draft

To understand the true seeds of a story the draft must be created.

Only once it is done, the pages down, sparks of connection reveal themselves.

It can be a long process. A creative project makes itself known once a draft has been completed and put to rest for a time.

This is a perfect opportunity to pick up the next project. And there’s always a next project.

Energy and focus is needed to keep going. Difference phases of different projects allow time for the mind to replenish.

Do not push it. Do not exceed what you think you can do — that will just lead to frustration.

Just do something.

And then once it is all finished, and you look back on the last couple of weeks of work, it is gratifying to see just how much work has been produced.

Do not compare yourself with the phantom expectations. We are the witnesses of our own work — so is everyone else.

Get to the end of the draft to see the seeds. Cultivate them and they will grow.

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