Writing Life

We call this the “Writing Life.” But it is not. Life is life. We can so easily become sucked into the world of the cerebral, the world of story and imagination that it becomes a replacement for the truth of our existence.

We are the characters. We experience our lives in the third-person limited point of view.

We need to close the computer, the notebook, and put down the pen long enough so that we can experience life.

We need to love, to lose, to achieve, to be dissappointed. We need the raw experience to serve as fuel for that which we are trying to express, our own flawed, incomplete perception of the world.

That’s where the beauty lies. No one has the answer. No one sees the unseen.

Fiction can help us to get that much closer. A writer’s job is to sit down and say, “This is what I see.”

But to do that, we have to see it ourselves first.

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