Six Minutes…

Blogging every day is daunting. It is. The constant question: “What should I write?” Stays with you.

About six minutes is what it takes to write a post for Ink Stains. It begins with a five minute free-write followed by the quick second draft here on Medium.

The purpose of Ink Stains is a daily reminder of the writing process. We all aspire to write what others want to read. Why else create a blog?

Many of us forget ourselves in that equation.

Blogging daily has the benefit of helping the mind acclimate to the idea of writing and publishing daily. Your words will be out there.

Ink Stains serves as that acclimation, helping me remember just what it is I am trying to accomplish. Hopefully, someone else can read it and identify with their own daily artistic struggle.

We are not alone.

Being reminded of that daily is well worth six minutes…

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