Where It Is

Where we start in the what we need to be. The question of where to begin can always be answered — though it can be difficult to accept.

Goals are related to movement. We are either moving towards them or away. Movement is the constant.

Nor is the journey linear. There will be starts and stops. We will lose all motivation and stay stagnant.

But then we awaken again.

Once that happens, and we can breathe deeply, we are reminded of what we have forgotten.

The curse of progress is forgetfulness. There is no straight line. If there were, the value would not be there. Difficulty is the frame. Difficulty punctuates our day-to-day in a way that happiness never can. Difficulty imprints itself.

Take advantage of what is, not what should be. Self-delusion is as dangerous as overzealous self-criticism. Take rational stock of the present skill level and take the next step.

Intervals are the elements of growth.

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