The Secret to Beginning

  • I don’t know.

That’s usually how things start. The secret is to begin understanding that there is no protection from the reality of its difficulty.

We always feel better once we start.

Momentum works that way, and we can use that to our advantage. This philosophy applies to any activity that is difficult. Value is found in accomplishment. Anything that is easy to complete lacks that sense. But like anything else, practice and cultivation allows for progression.

Things get easier with increments; this is self-evident when thinking about how we learned how to speak, how we learned how to walk, how we learned how to write. Those of us with children see this plainly enough. The beauty of a child is the lack of self-consciousness. Thank God. Imagine if a four-year-old was too intimidated to make mistakes. Or imagine a toddler was too intimidated after attempting to walk. How would they have ever learned how to walk or talk or write their name?

Young children do not have the same insecurity. A good parent will help to cultivate that same outlook to be applied as they come to develop self awareness.

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