Reminding Myself of Why

I started this blog more than two years ago. Seth Godin was my main inspiration. I have tried, sometimes unsuccessfully, to post every day. On the days that I did not want to post — which is most days — I recalled what Seth said in one of his many podcast interviews about what a blog post needed to be and how long you needed to spend doing it. I distinctly remember him saying that it could take ninety seconds if that’s what we want; that type of permission is powerful.

So, I set off to create a blog post every day. I can say I have been successful more than ninety-five percent of the time, which is a good average. With that said, I have two main observations. The first is that I very rarely break the one minute read mark on Medium. But again, if this is my definition, who cares? Since I am mentioning it, I guess I do and maybe a two minute reading time can be a goal. Definition of a goal is the first step in achieving it. The second concerns what my blog is exactly. I began wanting to write a blog documenting the writing life.I write fiction in addition to this blog and have been working on a historical fantasy novella for the past few years.

How many posts can one write about days they wrote and days they didn’t? But then what does one write about every day if not writing?


None of us are successful all day every day; I think that is a safe assumption. But we can think of something we read, heard, or experienced that speaks to wider experiences we all share. Also, I have found that keeping blogs in the third person allowed for easier posting — this post being the obvious exception.

This post comes out of me asking myself why should I even write a blog. I have not achieved the goals that I set out to do a couple of years ago; my novella is not finished. But I have managed this. I have managed a blog. The decision was made and for better or worse I am sticking to it. Maybe the purpose is not readers. Maybe the practice is the point. Writing publicly no longer holds any intimidation. I have managed to inoculate myself. So what if there is a typo, tomorrow is another chance and another post.

I needed to sit and remind myself why I write this blog.

That goal was just accomplished.

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