The Business We’ve Chosen

Draft after draft and story after story the words accumulate. But towards what end? The real goal, we tell ourselves, is writing stories, creating worlds with memorable characters for readers to experience.

To attempt such a feat is such a responsibility. To do so one must work harder than they ever have — no matter the level. Whether amateur or master, from what the writers of the past have said, the craft never gets easier; the goal line moves. What type of sadists are we to subject ourselves to such a Sisyphean ordeal?

The work will never be done. That is the game. We must all accept this curse of the writer.

As Hyman Roth said in The Godfather Part II:

This is the business we’ve chosen.

Writers have to accept the bad if they are making an honest attempt to obtain the good.

Words are the sole prerequisite. Nothing is achieved with their foundation.

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