Breath and the Moment

Finding time is the hardest. Really, everything that we want to do seems insurmountable the longer we put it off. And then we realize that days and weeks passed without anything to show for it.

The key really seems to be starting small. Take a moment and think about everything that could be accomplished if you started small. All projects, all goals, broken down to their basic parts cast away intimidation.

The same principle applies to cleaning a room. Focus on one corner ignoring all other clutter or dirt until that corner is absolutely spotless. Once that is finished, move on to the next corner. Such structure and constraints guides our attention.

In Buddhism, the monkey mind is the label used for our random and ever occurring thought process. Making the point in meditation to breathe and focus on the moment helps us to do just that. The breath is the moment. The breath centers because bringing focus to it takes effort. Otherwise, we breathe all day without giving it a second thought. And that’s the point.

Placing oneself in the moment is necessary for all achievement large or small.

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