The Cold Reality of an Audience

Seeking critique is part of creative growth. When writing, we become too involved in our stories to see them objectively. We go through drafts, working out the kinks we see.

But then we present it.

A writing group is a useful place for those of us who wish to improve our craft. Sometimes, our writing is praised. Other times, not so much. When exposing ourselves in such a way, it is easy to feel vulnerable. Any criticism feels like an attack or a judgment on our abilities. It is hard to remember that the work is not us. We created it, but it is nothing more than words on a page.

If the group gives constructive criticism, take it and improve. Try and make it better. That’s all that can be done. It is a privilege to hear a test audience’s reaction before the work is presented to the wider public.

Now, at least you know where to go. That clarity of purpose is more valuable than anything else.

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