Shipping and Not

When you fall short, get back on.

We suffered a sudden loss in our family, and I could not bring myself to write for a couple weeks. I was closing in on having two years of daily blog posts. I had missed the odd day, maybe three or four, but never two days in a row.

I missed the last two weeks.

The loss was so sudden that I could not bring myself to produce words. Doing so would bring too much to the surface. Ideas float around in our minds waiting for the solidity of expression; they become concrete.

But words are never enough.

Words are connotations for experiences. Our reactions differ, but we can say something like “love” or “loss” and you can have an inkling of what is being discussed. But describing love will never compare to the experiencing; they cannot come close.

Loss is the same. To define my grief, to express it before ready would be to cheapen it. The emotions were too real, too fresh. I needed the time to experience and accept. I needed time to absorb.

Time brought me back to the words. And while I will never have the skills sufficient to express just what I felt, an paralysis of words is description enough.

We must ship; but we also must live.

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