Combining passions can only lead to good things. Maybe passion isn’t the best word. Passion is cliché. Interest is a better signifier. Whatever piques our interest is what we should follow. What other indicator or sign should we require? There is so much mystery in life. None of us can be sure of anything.

Interest does not require rationale. Interest is like falling in love; it is not a choice. To be a cliché for a moment, the heart wants what the heart wants.

Our best choice to be fulfilled is to follow that which the heart wants. Sometimes the choices will be good and other times bad, but we can know that we followed something that caught us. If we do that enough times, we will find the meaning in life that we all crave.

Combining interests is a powerful way to find fulfillment. Doing so is not easy, but nothing that is worth it ever is.

Find interests and combine them.

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