A Writing Process

There are two types of writing: words on an actual page and the organization of those words. First get used to writing a page a day. If you can’t, begin with a paragraph a day and work your way up. Do not worry about content. Just write.

The point here is to get your mind body connection going. Writing is a physical activity. The movement of the hand on a page stimulates specific regions of the brain. Work it like any muscle. Continue to do this until you can write a page a day without stopping. You will see progress.

Reading is the best way to improve both writing and vocabulary.

The only way, really…

For the practice, think of it as just that: practice. Don’t think about it in terms of accomplishment. It’s just writing. Really, it’s just words on a page. But what you’ll find is that after some time you will be able to get down words faster and clearer than you had before.

This is a marathon, not a sprint.

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