What Can Be Done

All that we can hope for is to achieve what can be done. There is a point when our motivation meets reality.

Some are weighed down by this — most of us, most likely. But it helps to accept that none of us are alone in wanting to accomplish more than we actually can. If we have low expectations and standards for our output, it would be difficult to even bother.

Writing a blog post every day can be done. The standards are one’s own. The post can be what you want it to be.

Journaling is a similar practice that need not have any pressure; it is yours, after all. For those of us who need to express themselves and get stressed if you do not, a journal is a remedy that will help alleviate the stress and anxiety of keeping the thoughts in.

Ryan Holiday wrote an excellent post on how we can all journal more in 2018. Anyone who wants to write creatively should.

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